Bob Freeman, owner of Freeman Foods in Wellman, Iowa, was a perfect candidate for the Astec System. His metal roof above the store leaked onto the groceries in the storage area.


First we power washed the roof with TRI sodium phosphate to clean. Then we tightened fasteners and coated them with WPM #9. All vertical and horizontal seams were taped and coated.


All stacks were taped at the base and coated with # 10. After all the seams, stacks, and fasteners were taken care of the entire roof surface was then coated twice with Aster 900 Finish Coat.


Bob's 6,000 Sq Ft was completely overhauled, free of leaks, and guaranteed for 10 years on material and labor.


Bob was so pleased that 2 years later he had another 1,200 Sq Ft of roof gone over with 2000 Finish Coat on part of the roof that had been done many years ago.