This job consisted of an upper and lower metal roof that was leaking over the office area of Dodger Industries in El Dora, Iowa. The 9,000 Sq Ft area was power washed with TRI Sodium Phosphate to clean.


All the fasteners were tightened and then they were coated with WPM#9. The vertical and horizontal seams were taped with Butyl backed tape then coated 3 times with WPM #9. All the stacks and protrusions were taped and coated 3 times with #10.






The lower roof had to be flashed against the wall of the upper roof. This was one of the main areas it was leaking.


Before any coating could be applied the lower roof had to have 2 coats of B-16-71 to lock down the existing rust.


The finish coat of Astec #900 was then sprayed twice to complete the job over the office area.


The offices were dry, the air conditioning bill went down, and they were guaranteed for 10 years on both material and labor.